Benefits of Business Networking

Benefits of Business Networking

Having just attended a Zoom business networking event, I have to say that I feel so blessed to be part of such a great business community.

These are difficult times we are in, and I’m so grateful that I have a strong and supportive Business Network around me.

So I thought I’d share a blog – 10 benefits of business networking.


Build up your connections. Get to know other people and build up relationships. It’s not about who you know, but rather who knows you.

Share your expertise

Networking is an excellent way of sharing your knowledge and showing people that you are the expert in your field. That way, they will recommend you with confidence.

Gain knowledge

Most networking groups have member spotlights or learning points. Networking is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and get good advice.

Regularity and consistency

Don’t be a one hit wonder! Networking is about getting to know, like and trust people, and you can’t do that by attending one networking event once.

More opportunities

The more you network, the more opportunities there are of meeting your ideal clients, receiving referrals, meeting great suppliers and creating collaborations.

Make friends

Strong friendships can be built up from networking. You can’t put a price on knowing that people are there for you through the good times and the bad.

Build up your confidence

Networking builds up your confidence. You have the confidence to meet strangers, talk and share information about your business, giving you the opportunity to become the expert in your field.

Business climate

Talking to other business owners allows you to assess the general business climate.

Law of Reciprocity

Giving is far better than receiving, and you’ll be surprised how often giving results in receiving! So look out for opportunities for your colleagues.

New Ventures

Meeting with like-minded business people on a regular basis may create a spark that ignites and allows you to create a new venture. Two heads may be better than one.

What do you think??

If you are a business owner and don’t go networking, please reconsider … you are missing out on so much, especially during these challenging times.

Here is a list of some of the networking events I attend:


In Business

Yorkshire Powerhouse

Brand Yorkshire

One Hour Networking

Unpretentious Networking

If you fancy an invite, then please get in touch. I’d be happy to introduce you to the group and the Benefits of Business Networking. Call me on 01274 965411 or email [email protected]

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