10 Tips Building Trust in your Business

10 Tips Building Trust in your Business

Building Trust in Your Business with Clients and Prospects.

Working from home and having limited contact with my customers and prospects feels a bit strange right now. However, this period is giving me time and space to think about my business.

It’s a time to think positively and use my time wisely.

I know this time will come to an end, and I am determined to keep my successful business going. So during this time, I know that I have to deliver great service to my clients, giving them the confidence that they have made the right decisions in trusting me and my brand. Plus, I need to show my prospects that I am a safe, trusted pair of hands for them in the future.

It’s all about building trust.

As a business owner, you too need to build trust. So here are 10 tips to help you build trust with your existing clients and prospects:

  1. Be positive and continue to deliver exceptional value and service to your existing clients (Don’t give them a reason to shop around)
  2. Review your offering and be confident about your value.. If you have a strong offering and provide great value, don’t cut your prices or engage in a “Race to the bottom”
  3. Review your existing marketing activity and know your figures. That way, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.
  4. Plan your next marketing campaign fully
  5. Ramp up your marketing efforts and market to new prospects. Make sure new prospects know about you
  6. Create good marketing content for your website, blog, social media posts Email campaigns etc.
  7. Review your marketing material like your business cards, banners, leaflets and brochures
  8. Connect with your ideal target market on LinkedIn, and start building relationships
  9. Reignite conversations with past customers, colleagues and friends
  10. Above all, support each other by buying local, providing referrals and talking to friends and colleagues. Whether you believe in Karma or not, givers most certainly do gain!

Be brave, and make smart decisions to ensure your business comes through these challenging times.

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