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3 Ways to Create a Credible Business Reputation

Asking Your Customers for a referral builds Trust and Business Reputation

3 Ways to Create a Credible Business Reputation

3 Ways to Create a Credible Business Reputation

Creating a credible business reputation is essential to any business’s survival. The trust and confidence of the client will have a direct effect on a company’s sales.

In the past, you might have been able to get new clients by turning up to meetings in a smart suit and presenting well. However, nowadays, in this world of online access, prospects do research and check you out before they even talk to you.

In fact, it can take an average of 7 “touches” before a client will make a purchase. Whether that’s online, in person or by referral. As such, it’s vitally important that what they see or read about you shouts out credibility to them.

How do I build up my own Credible Business Reputation?

Building up your credible reputation doesn’t have to mean you wait for others to rave about you – you can take action yourself!

You can build a credible reputation and influence how people feel about you and your business by taking 3 steps: shout about it; write about it; do something about it.

So here are 3 Ways to Create a Credible Business Reputation

Shout about it

Recommendations and endorsements are the best way to convince prospects of your reputation and can go a long way towards making you appear more credible. In fact, they are the easiest and fastest ways to get started:

  1. Ask for recommendations and testimonials from satisfied clients, then put them wherever you can: on your website; LinkedIn; Facebook and other social media; Google My Business and any marketing material you have
  2. Don’t be shy, get out there and shout about your accomplishments on social media, at networking meetings and events
  3. Be prepared for questions such as “why should I buy from you?” and have a great response programmed into your thinking
  4. Let people know when you get a new testimonial or achievement by broadcasting it to your mailing list and social media followers, or announcing it during networking meetings
  5. Gain endorsements from other experts in your field or related industry, then publicise them
  6. Get social – build a following on social media and become known as the expert in your field
  7. Ask others if you can post a guest blog and post it on their blog, then include links to your website
  8. Guest speak on webinars hosted by members in your niche
  9. Speak in public at networking groups, industry events, exhibitions and conferences
  10. Do interviews with your local newspaper, radio station, industry magazines and associations


Write about it

Writing about your industry can be one of the fastest ways to build and increase your credibility. When prospects see that you are regularly writing and offering help and advice about your specialty, this can boost your reputation. It also means that when prospects search for you, they see multiple mentions, not just a link to your site. Offering help and advice establishes you as the “go to” person who is willing to help them.

  1. Keep your website up to date, attractive, professional and beneficial so people want to keep coming back – include helpful blogs and give away hints and tips about your speciality
  2. Create a great credibility boosting bio on your website
  3. Publish articles in newsletters, magazines, newspapers, trade press and online mediums
  4. Write a case study or white paper on how your product a service solved a problem
  5. Make it easy for your prospects to find you – create a testimonial page on your website, include recommendations and testimonials on LinkedIn, Facebook page
  6. Create a “how-to” guide on your product or service
  7. Create a survey and publish the results in industry publications
  8. Create an ebook that will help others and that can be downloaded from your website or landing page
  9. Self-publish a book about your industry
  10. Create a monthly newsletter, include helpful tips and industry updates


Do something about it

Getting involved and being passionate about your industry can help to build up your credibility.

Speaking in public establishes you as a recognised expert in your field. There are numerous venues to speak at, so the best way to create credibility is to get involved and do something about it.

  1. Develop a portfolio of your best work, to include testimonials and thank-you notes
  2. Become a member and get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce or relevant business/trade associations – then become the “go-to” person in your field of expertise
  3. Donate your services to a local charity
  4. Create podcasts, webcasts and videos to share your expertise
  5. Create a workshop that will demonstrate what you do and how it will help
  6. Make a video and share via YouTube, your website and on social media
  7. Create an e-course website so people to learn online
  8. Enter into competitions or awards in your industry, local chamber or other business associations
  9. Earn a known standard certification such as ISO or equivalent, then make it known
  10. Acquire a degree or certificate in your speciality

To land more clients, business owners and professionals must have a credible reputation. Hopefully, the ideas above will help you get started on raising your credibility right away.

I look forward to hearing about your success.

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