10 things not to do when telemarketing

10 things not to do when telemarketing

Last Thursday I received 2 cold telephone calls in a row from so called telephone sales people trying to introduce their products and hopefully sell.. However I was so surprised by their actions that I thought Id write a blog on what not to do when telemarketing…

Let me give you some examples

1/ Eat / drink mid conversation – Yes people can hear you gulp / slurp

2/ Read from a script like a robot – it can sound very stale and repetitive

3/ Put the phone down when asked a question – it’s a sign they are interested

4/ Make false promises or worse lie – you will get caught out

5/ Act cocky thinking you know what is best – this behaviour does nothing to build rapport

6/ Insult the prospect – No matter how silly you think their comments are

7/ Interrupt or talk over the prospect – Always listen to what they have to say

8/ Whisper or shout at the prospect – make sure you can be heard but do not shout

9/ Talk and talk and talk yourself out of a sale – ask for the sale and then be quiet

10/ Fool around or talk with your work colleagues while making calls – listen and concentrate on the prospect

Be curious and have the decency to respect your prospect – you never know it may be that one call that makes your bonus….

These haven’t really happened to you I here you say … Yes and I can even name and shame the companies involved as I keep a record of all calls … so next time you call me … just be careful you may end up on a blog…

Happy Telemarketing


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