Different ways to use Business data to generate develop more new business – Fax broadcasting

Different ways to use Business data to generate develop more new business – Fax broadcasting

Do People still use fax broadcasting?

When was that last time your fax machine sprung into life?

With the amount of postal circulars or emails we get sent these days its often hard to stand out from the crowd.. so perhaps its time to look at alternative marketing methods.

So where do we look …

Looking back at previous marketing techniques can often inspire people to look differently at marketing…

Take for example the new craze of hand written letter… how 1970’s ??

Well today Im going to go back to the 1980’s … Shoulder pads, black leggings and dangly earrings and Fax broadcasting … Fax broadcasting for the youngsters is PAPER EMAILS!!!

So can fax broadcasting be a way of standing out from the crowd??

So let’s look at the advantages of fax broadcasting…

  • Faxes are seen by many people in the office .. great if you want to promote your products and services to lots of people.
  • Often faxes are left on the machine or on the desk at the side of the machine.. so again it’s a constant reminder of who you are and the services you promote.
  • The novelty factor .. who sends faxes now? And how many people turn round when the machine rings? .. how exciting to get a fax ?
  • It’s a cost effective way of marketing… What from as little as 2p per fax …
  • Faxes are targeted… Select business data in postcode areas, size of company.
  • It simple write a quick message and there you are.
  • Its quick with over 10,000 fax messages that can be sent per hour
  • A great way of clearing old or excess stock

Like many other forms of marketing fax broadcasting is an ideal method of catching the attention of the recipients and encouraging them to call, fax or e-mail for more details..

So next time you plan a different campaign .. why not consider Fax Broadcasting?

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