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You’ve Got To be In It To Win It!

You’ve Got To be In It To Win It!

How do you get new business?

During one of the networking events I attended last week, one of the other attendees stated that he gets 100% of his business through Twitter and that he was after ideas of how to gain new business.

This got me thinking, how many businesses don’t take advantage of the wide range of mediums that are now open to us? There are so many different ways that businesses can get themselves into the marketplace, why not take advantage of as many of them as possible?

For example, this year, we’re placing an increased emphasis on engaging with the business world – not only on when we engage but how and what with. Our aim is not only to publicise the direct marketing services we offer, but also to encourage interaction in other different ways and via a variety of mediums, such that we place ourselves in their minds regularly. This not only gets our name known, but hopefully generates conversation amongst others, such that word of mouth spreads and recommendations are made. Take a look at some of the things we’re doing…..

You may have noticed that we have recently started our “Most Wanted” communication. This is to be a weekly email that includes details of some of the business data lists and consumer data lists that are available. Our aim is simply to display a selection of the different data lists that we feel may help our clients with their direct marketing campaigns.

We already have a presence on the usual social media sites – Twitter, Facebook Linked in etc – however, we want to bring more people to the party by utilising other channels. For example, besides publishing our weekly blogs in email, we also publish them in an audio format via AudioBoo ………usually on a Thursday – Please feel free to follow us

We have recently introduced our “Friday Fun Quiz” via Facebook. Again, it’s meant as a topical and jovial way to end the week, some throwaway fun if you like, though what it does is it keeps us in touch with our contacts via another medium. For those of you who have not yet seen this, please feel free to take a look and if you enjoy, please “like” and “share” our page –

Finally, once a month, we continue to issue our newsletter, which includes articles, direct marketing tips and summarises our blogs. Click here to Sign up

So, as you can see, we are making a concerted effort to reach as wide an audience as we can and in a variety of ways, with varied content. We’re also looking at upcoming technologies, the increase in videos and virals, to name but a few. The world doesn’t stop evolving, so we understand the importance of evolving with it, which is what we’re doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying our communications are perfect, far from it, and to this extent I welcome any feedback on our communications, as always.

So, my question to you is this – are you maximising your audience’s reach’s true potential? If not, why not? It doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Also, if anybody has any suggestions for other methods of communication, please share them with others (and me), as I’m all too eager to expand my communications further.

For those of you not connected to me via LinkedIn or Facebook, or possibly not following me and being followed by me on Twitter, please connect via the buttons on this page and I’ll connect back. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so let’s make sure we all are…..

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