You Never Know When An Opportunity Might Present Itself

You Never Know When An Opportunity Might Present Itself

I remember a long time ago, being told a story of someone who went into a famous German car showroom, only to be frowned upon and not taken seriously by the sales person because of how he was dressed.

As it happens, he was a multi-millionaire looking to purchase a new top-spec top of the range car for himself, as well as a new fleet for his sales team – he happened to be in his workwear, hence looked a little bedraggled.

Needless to say, he didn’t make his purchase from there. Instead, he bought elsewhere and took great pleasure in driving back to the German car showroom a few days later, suited and booted, to point out their costly mistake!

Well I wouldn’t exactly say the same thing happened to me, however, a few weeks ago, I was invited into a company to present Data Bubble to them.

The meeting came about after one of the account managers for the company requested a quote and subsequently invited me to their offices. Given that their offices were over 200 miles away, attending meant taking a whole day out and the thought of suggesting a Skype call instead came to mind. Nevertheless, given that you never know what might come (and with knowledge of the above story in mind), I gladly accepted the invitation and made the 400+ mile round trip to their offices.

I anticipated meeting two maybe three people at the firm, however upon arrival, I was informed that there were several account managers within the company, all of whom regularly purchased business to business data. After being taken to a room, seven account managers then entered and the meeting progressed.

Each of those seven managers had their own clients they looked after and as such, each had their own different requirements for B2B data. They regularly purchase B2B data and were on the lookout for another supplier – hence my invitation.

Without going into too much detail, I left the meeting an hour and a half later with several business data count requests. Having provided those counts shortly afterwards, I have received my first order. Furthermore, I am now on the radar of several people within that firm who may consider Data Bubble when next looking to purchase business data.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have had that opportunity and how grateful I am to the person who invited me down. Whilst the thought of taking a whole day out of the office might have made some think twice, I know mine was the right decision.

So the moral of the story… in the title. You never know……

I welcome your comments and feedback and to this extent, invite your comments.

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