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White Collar Workers Database List

White Collar Workers Database List

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White Collar Workers Database List

This is a database of companies within the UK that are traditionally considered White Collar. It includes typically office based industries / professionals and includes sole traders, right through to multi-national corporations.

Background to the White Collar Workers Database List

The White Collar Workers Database contains full contact details of senior decision makers. It incorporates such industries as finance, insurance, telecommunications, IT etc.

This database, which contains over 100,000 records, is extremely flexible in its selections


  • Industry
  • Head Office / Branch / Single Site
  • No of employees
  • Turnover
  • No of sites
  • Age of business
  • Location
  • Contact method i.e Postal / email / telephone
  • Type of contact i.e. MD / Owner / Proprietor

What do you get?

You will receive the following information fields:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address including Postcode
  • Telephone Number
  • Name Senior Decision Maker
  • Job Title
  • Personal Email Address
  • No of employees banding
  • Turnover banding
  • Industry description
  • Fax No (where available)
  • Website (where available)

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