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What is in a Business Database?


What is in a Business Database?

We often get asked questions like “Why isn’t the company next door in the database I bought?”, and “Why do you have only 50 restaurants in that town, because I know there’s loads more than that?” Well, there are several reasons why, and here I’ll explain some of them.

Not every business is on the database

Databases are created through various methods, such as Companies House registrations and finance applications. However, if those triggers aren’t met, that company won’t appear. No database exists that includes every single business. Don’t be fooled by anybody who claims that their database is all-inclusive … it isn’t!

It takes time

New businesses might not appear on a database for several months after their inception.

Businesses have the option to not receive marketing contact

Legitimate data providers will only ever supply you with records of companies who are open to being marketed to. If a company has requested not to be contacted, Data Bubble won’t supply their details.

Size matters

If you have selected only companies of a certain size to be included, then any companies falling outside that size, or whose size is not known, won’t be included within the database.

Telephone Preference Service

If you need telephone numbers, we must screen the data against the TPS and CTPS (Corporate TPS) registers. These are “Do not call” registers, where details for companies that don’t wish to be contacted by telephone are kept. We are unable to supply you with telephone numbers that are listed on these registers. You can either exclude these records altogether or take the record without the telephone number.

Email Required

If you need email addresses, we can only supply you with those records where emails exist. Companies and their employees can refuse to allow their email addresses to be used for marketing purposes. As with TPS records, you can either exclude these records altogether or take the record without the email.


If you know a company that repairs cars, you might expect them to be in a database of car repair companies. However, if they consider their main purpose to be selling cars, they may not be in the car repair database. This is due to categorisation, as companies must categorise themselves based on their main purpose.

Exclusion Files

If you need us to exclude certain records, these won’t be included within your data. Whether they’re your customer files or particular companies/groups, they won’t appear in the database.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it highlights many of the more common reasons why a database is not all-inclusive.

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