20 New Clients Using Business Data for Telemarketing

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20 New Clients Using Business Data for Telemarketing

Customer Success Story. One of our clients gained 20 new clients using our Business Data for their telemarketing campaign.

I was at a networking event last week, when a client came charging up to me. I was a little nervous as his stride was at such a pace.

Little did I know it was an enthusiastic stride!

He was in fact delighted. I could hardly stop him talking. He said his sales team had managed to get 20 new clients in only a few weeks of using the business database we provided. And they hadn’t finished using it yet, so there was more to come!

Demotivated Sales Team

His sales staff had been down in the dumps complaining that they didn’t have any fresh prospects to call. They were struggling to hit targets and after some motivation. Let’s face it, salespeople get out of bed to get new clients. When that’s not happening, they soon become demotivated.

He was reluctant to buy any business data as he had done so through another company in the past. That company had sent him a database that was out of date and full of duplicates. When he raised the matter with this company, they completely ignored him. So as you can imagine, trying out a new business data supplier was a huge gamble.

The Power of Networking

We met at a networking event a few months earlier. I explained that we care about our clients and work with them to get the right data for them. I explained that no database is 100% accurate, but we go over and above our competitors and offer guarantees. So he decided that it was worth the investment.

Wow – and he’s so pleased he did!!! In fact, he said that his whole business has changed!

He now has motivated sales staff who are ecstatic as they keep hitting their targets early. He was even looking at taking on extra staff as the business was growing. And everyone in the business had a different mindset and energy. All because they had a new business database to call.

He said that he would definitely recommend me to his clients! And to anyone who wants to re-energise their sales teams!

So if you want a similar story in your business, call us on 01274 965411.

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