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The Ultimate Marketing Tip – via your Weather Forecast

The Ultimate Marketing Tip – via your Weather Forecast

Well, there’s been all kinds of weather in the last week or so; high winds, heavy frost, black ice, gallons of sleet and snow and the odd bit of early morning sunshine thrown in for good measure.

All this has made getting around somewhat problematic. Schools have closed in their scores throwing working parents into turmoil and driving to and from work has, on occasion, been nothing short of terrifying for some.

Keeping an eye out

Most people go to their local weather forecast like it’s the Holy Grail at times like this so they can be fully prepared for any eventuality. And although the weather forecasters can be accused of over-dramatising at times, at least it gives us fair warning to get prepared.

Action Stations!

At the first hint of that yellow triangle being plastered all over the weather map we are up and at it, making sure we are prepared:

Grit for paths and drives

Snow shovel


Screen-wash with de-icer

Correct tyre pressures

Snow boots, hats, winter coats

Aaargh – where are my gloves??!!!

If we have to go out we are going to make sure we get back in one piece!

Marketing is the same as the weather?

Well yes, inasmuch as our approach to our marketing should be the same as our approach to the weather. When it comes to marketing the important thing is to make like a scout and Be Prepared.

Marketing only works when it is prepared for and part of an overall plan. Marketing on an ad-hoc basis doesn’t work. Only taking action if an opportunity presents itself is not a sustainable model.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

There was a picture in the news a year or two ago of a driver (actually driving!) whose car was completely covered in 3 inches of snow, apart from a tiny circle cleared off in front of the steering wheel. Now, most of us with a semblance of sense wouldn’t risk it – so why risk it with your business?

The 6 Ps in the Marketing Mix

Product – satisfying your customers’ needs

Price – getting your prices right within your industry

Promotion – all the ways you communicate your business

Place – where you are based and how people find you

People – having well-trained knowledgeable people to deal with your customers

Process – keeping your business efficient

As business owners, all these have to be at the forefront of our minds in order to sustain and grow our profit margins. We have to prepare for them, manage them and adjust them where necessary and we need to know as much as possible about what might be round the corner.

Steve on the other hand has another way of putting it:

‘Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance…’

It may lack a certain charm, but it’s bang on the money.

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