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My Top 5 Tips on How To KISS

My Top 5 Tips on How To KISS

OK, I’m not divulging intimate secrets about Steve and I here…for those of you not aware of this acronym, it stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

Supposedly originating from the military in the 1960’s, this is an acronym that you ought to familiarise yourself with and, wherever possible, implement within your marketing strategy. It’s an extremely valid point – don’t over-complicate things. Simples…ahem!


Many of my followers will know that this is my favourite medium when it comes to social media for business. To say I’m all over it is perhaps the understatement of the century! I’m a regular contributor to group discussions, frequently start my own discussions, am a member of numerous groups and also publish posts for the LinkedIn masses!

Needless to say, I read an awful lot of articles on there and acronyms are all over the place. Some are good, some bad and then some are downright ugly – most often when they don’t make sense!!! So, I thought it might be good to give you some advice – call it my “5 KISS Tips!”

Top 5 “How to KISS” Tips

1/ Don’t use acronyms (even if your clients are likely to understand them, not everyone may be aware of them, for example, a new person to a company may not be aware of them) – potentially could be seen as a bizarre one this, since KISS is itself an acronym. Nevertheless, wise words that I would build on to say don’t include any jargon! I’ve been in direct marketing now for over 15 years and I still see acronyms within the industry that I have no idea what they are!

2/ Avoid large words when small is beautifully put – as my mother would say, “Nobody is impressed by a smart-arse.” Using big words might make you feel good, but can make your target audience feel inferior. This isn’t going to win friends, influence people or grab you sales…

3/ Get to the point – the temptation to waffle is big and easy, but when you know how to KISS, you can simply make your point, stress the important bits (highlight, bold, bullet-point etc) and hammer them home. Fluff might be suitable for a novel, but in business, time is money.

4/ Use pictures to illustrate a point, but only in small doses – it’s easy to fill an article with pictures, but remember they should only ever be used to compliment an important point. They shouldn’t be the backbone of your article. Simple, sleek design is best. The eye is drawn to pictures, so be careful to ensure they add to and don’t distract from the content.

5/ Simplicity is easy to remember, so “Keep it simple” – think about it, if people can pick out simple points that are easy to understand, they’re more likely to remember them and, as such, more likely to remember YOU! Knowing how to KISS and, more importantly, implementing it, can give you the edge over the competition, particularly if you’re aiming to send out the same / similar message.

It’s not rocket science

Really, it isn’t! In fact, it stands to reason. Complex jargon, long fancy words and the like may need to get involved at a stage much further down the line, but not at the marketing stage. Nevertheless, it’s surprising how many times I see complexity, jargon, flannel and downright confusion in messages, articles, marketing emails and the like. All it does is turn me off or make me delete. I could be missing a wealth of information, but that’s a risk I’ll take.

Learn how to KISS and you’re much more likely to win an audience, make your point and hey, who knows, maybe bag yourself a sale or three!

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