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The Business Networking Show

The Business Networking Show

“Where the smeg is Wolverhampton” were Steve’s first words when I suggested we attend this now annual business networking event in September. You can take the lad out of Yorkshire…

So, yes, we’re temporarily moving Bubble Towers “darn tut Midlands” as The Business Networking Show, the UK’s largest business networking event returns to Wolverhampton for its second year. It’s being held at Wolverhampton Racecourse, about 2 miles outside the city centre, on Friday 18 September.

You’ve Got to be In It to Win It!

Last year was its first event and we had the choice taken away from us as we couldn’t attend. However, this year, we decided straight away that we would go.

Seminars, networking events, roadshows and the like are a great way of getting out there and raising your profile. Yes, we’re all over social media and yes, we attand networking events all the time (particularly Steve bless him – his idea of a lie in these days is getting up after the sun has risen!), though that’s one of our main streams of revenue.

My philosophy is “People buy people” and face to face conversations can’t be beaten when it comes to this. An ever increasing amount of our new business comes from direct conversation and once they’ve bought, our post-sales customer service and the quality of the product do the rest.

What’s Going On?

Besides a huge open business networking concourse, there are a number of key speakers delivering presentations throughout the day from 10am to 4pm. These include Brad Burton, the UK’s number 1 motivational speaker and author of the bestselling books “Get Off Your Arse”, “Get Off Your Arse Too” and “Life. Business. Just Got Easier” and Stefan Thomas, author of “Business networking for Dummies”.

Besides the opportunity to network openly all day long with other attendees and exhibitors in the main concourse, there are also some great organised business networking events taking place:

At 8am (before the event opens), there is a 4Networking event being held (contact Steve if you are interested in attending as a visitor – he’ll even buy you breakfast!), which finishes at 10am, just in time for opening of the event!

A speed networking event is then being held between 10.45am – 11.30am and this is followed shortly afterwards by a networking lunch at 12pm til 2pm. For those wanting even more, a second speed networking event will be held between 2.15pm and 3pm. It really is a networker’s dream come true!

The Data Bubble Stand

Data Bubble got its name through the facts that we supply data…and we’re bubbly. I think that anyone who knows us would agree with that! So, what can you expect from a stand with such a history behind it…

I’m not going to give too much away at this stage, though you can guarantee there will be lots of fun being had on our stand. Information, as always, will be given freely. There might be freebies. There might be giveaways. Maybe a competition…who knows. You’ll have to come along to find out, won’t you!!!

Be There or Be Square

There are estimated to be well over 1,000 businesses attending the event, which is being held over 6 hours of the day – that’s a pretty decent number of attendees for an event in only its second year of existence. And remember, those who attend are there to build relationships, expand their business networking circles, pass referrals, all in the name of doing more business with one another.

With tickets priced at just £20 each, we think that if you’re serious about doing business, you have to give this serious thought. The potential to meet over 1,000 fellow businesses in one day, all under one roof – can you afford not to attend?

If you would like any more information about the event, or if you wish to attend the breakfast networking event with Steve, give us a shout on 01274 965411 or visit the event website by clicking HERE. Remember, Steve will buy your breakfast!!!

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