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The Benefits of Buying a Business List Rather Than Using Search Engines

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The Benefits of Buying a Business List Rather Than Using Search Engines

I was recently asked, “Why should I buy a business list rather than using search engines to find prospects to call?” So I thought I’d create a blog on The Benefits of Buying a Business List Rather Than Using Search Engines

Well, there are several reasons and I shall name a few here.

  • To Save Time

How long would it take you to gather a list of, say 100 companies to call by trawling the internet? A couple of hours? A day? 2 days? By using a list broker, you could have a marketing list of 1,000+ contacts within an hour or two. Your time would then be free to actually make the calls, or send an email broadcast.

  • To Save Money

There are several financial benefits to using a rented marketing list. To name just one money-saver, consider point 1 above and ask yourself “How much is my time worth?” If you were to charge your time out, what would the cost be for a day? A marketing list costs as little as 30p per record or £300 per 1,000 records. On the basis that you could find 100 records in a day (which would be impressive!), then it would take you 10 days to gather 1,000 records. The equivalent charge out rate for you to spend the time DIYing, as opposed to renting a list would thus be £20 per day – are you worth just £20 per day? If you then factor in how much revenue you could expect from spending that time making calls and sending emails, rather than doing desktop research…you get the idea!

  • To Target Accurately

If 1 and 2 haven’t sold it to you, read on … Unlike directories and search engines, a marketing list can be targeted to include certain specific criteria. For example, if you want to avoid “one-man bands”, then directories and search engines won’t allow you to do that easily. Similarly, you may have certain geographical boundaries you wish to work to. Whilst these can be easily incorporated into an enquiry by a list broker, you may struggle to do this accurately using other “DIY” methods.

  • To Ensure the Information is Up To Date

A marketing list is kept up to date through various processes, including the likes of telephone verification. Directories and search engines often rely on the person/company concerned to notify them of changes, so often get overlooked. It is, therefore, less likely that search engine information will be as accurate as a rented, well-maintained marketing list.

  • To Get to the Monkey, Rather Than the Organ Grinder

Nobody likes spending 10 minutes or more winning over somebody with your product/service, only to find they don’t have the authority to make the buying decision. A marketing list comes with the contact details for the person you’re targeting, so no more being passed from pillar to post on a call. Whether it’s simply the Senior Decision Maker or someone more specific such as Head of IT, you will get their details. Directories and search engines are unlikely to have even the name of any person, let alone the person you’re after.

  • To Ensure You’re Calling the Head Office, Not a Branch

How do you know if the place you’re calling or mailing to is the main office? Well, in using a marketing list, you can be certain that it is. Don’t waste phone calls or mailshots getting in touch with branches. Get straight to the decision-maker the first time by using a targeted marketing list.

  • To Ensure Compliance

Have you noticed how the news seems full of stories about data protection breaches at the moment? Whether it’s businesses, charities or even Government departments, there are countless cases being investigated by the regulator. When you undertake direct marketing, be that by post, telephone, email or other ways, you must comply with the law. To ignore your responsibilities could land you in deep water and result in a hefty fine.

The recipient must have given their consent to being contacted for marketing purposes. The Data Protection Act (“DPA”) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (“PECR”) need to be adhered to. If making telephone calls, even if only to invite somebody to an event, then you must “screen” your data. You must ensure the person you are calling has not registered their telephone number with the Telephone Preference Service. This is a list of people/businesses who have requested not to receive marketing calls. Search engines and directories won’t tell you if their information complies with the law for marketing purposes. A List Broker will only supply fully compliant data.

  • Terms and Conditions

Most, if not all, search engines and directories have rules that you must abide by. Those rules often include a clause that prohibits the use of their information for marketing purposes. The reasons for this are multiple, though the ones that should interest you the most are to protect both them and you. The information will probably not have been obtained with any consent to use for marketing purposes. Using it for such purposes may be breaking the law, never mind the source’s terms and conditions!

So you see, there are plenty of reasons to use a list broker, and these above are but a few. In fact, if you’ve read this far down, why? If you’re not “sold” after reading point 2, why?

Give us a ring, get yourself a list and start winning new business…go on, don’t waste any more business opportunities…pick up the phone…01274 965411 or email [email protected]

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