In the Mix: Telemarketing’s New Groove

In the Mix: Telemarketing’s New Groove

At Bubble Towers we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of all things marketing related. We like to know about new industry trends so we can pass on our insider knowledge to our clients.

This week was no exception as I came across a research findings report from the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Contact Centres and Telemarketing Council, entitled ‘why telemarketing is a potent ingredient in the marketing mix’.

The report, which covers B2B and B2C industries, confirmed what we already knew, but was well worth the read.

Digital marketing is becoming an ever more prevalent, if not a crucial part of any business marketing strategy. Inbound, content marketing is an important part of lead generating, nurturing, trust building and brand awareness. These days, it does not do to put all your marketing eggs in one basket, and the most successful marketing is always a coordinated mixture of digital and traditional channels.

Telemarketing’s big news….

Anyone in digital marketing knows the value of telemarketing, and it was good to see that telemarketing still has a very good ROI, despite a negative press and some dodgy practices of late. 92% said that they relied on it as an effective marketing tool.

Not only that, telemarketing has a valuable part to play in many aspects of brand building, not just direct sales. Lead nurturing, data cleaning and customer service are important parts of telemarketing strategies.

81% said that they saw a big improvement in marketing campaign performance when telemarketing was integrated with other channels and email marketing is the most effective partner to telemarketing.

Get on the blower

Apart from the obvious effectiveness of telemarketing on sales results, from a consumer point of view having a human to talk to is still important – more than half preferred to talk to a human being when making a buying decision and 53% said it built their trust in a brand when they spoke to someone on the phone.

Proof, if proof were needed then, that telemarketing remains a very important weapon in your marketing arsenal, and that a good marketing mix is key to campaign success. Read the full report here, and please leave me a comment or get in touch if Data Bubble can help with your direct marketing campaign.

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