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Successful Student Recruitment Campaign

Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists.

Successful Student Recruitment Campaign

Now is the ideal time to plan new student recruitment campaigns. With budgets being squeezed, making sure you target teenagers and NEETs is key to a Successful Student Recruitment Campaign

This is where Data Bubble can help colleges promote their college facilities to a wider audience.

How Colleges are using targeted data to attract more students

Colleges need to promote themselves to a relevant audience. Whether they’re promoting courses, open evenings or taster days, they need to get their name in front of those who matter – their potential students.

Data Bubble has been helping colleges across the UK achieve their aim in promoting new student events through the provision of accurate, targeted data, specific to their requirements, for a number of years. Whatever the age or academic year of child, and whatever the geographical criteria (whether that’s by postcode area or a radius of the college), we can provide the list.

Say, for example, a college wishes to promote a new student event aimed at 14 to 17 year olds, then we can provide the parents of 14 – 17 year old teenagers, as well as NEETS (16-24 year olds Not in Education, Employment or Training) within their local area. The information is supplied in a simple spreadsheet format, detailing the names and addresses of those who fit the criteria. We can even split the data down by year, in case the college has different messages for each academic year.

We help colleges by:

• Saving them time and resources in not having to create their own lists
• Saving them money by excluding any existing students that have already registered
• Enabling them to specifically target their campaign with a tailored message, maximising return on investment

Budgets are Important

Data Bubble understands that educational establishments have budgets that have to be very carefully managed. For this reason, we offer discounted rates to colleges that also reduce further when “multiple uses” are taken. Furthermore, for each subsequent “use” of the data, we supply fresh data, thus ensuring that future campaigns also have the best chance of success through using the most up-to-date information.

Having clean, accurate and correctly targeted data ensures that:

• Only relevant, most likely to be interested people are contacted
• Awareness of the college is increased, thus helping meet recruitment targets
• Response rates are maximised and more effective than a scattergun approach
• Compliance with the Data Protection Act and third party opt-ins are guaranteed

All these factors give colleges the best chance of new student campaign success in a way that is most cost-effective.

Reputation Building

Colleges, as with any business, need to preserve their reputation. One of the things that has made our working relationship with our college clients successful is being able to guarantee the quality of our data. Put simply, we replace or refund any postal returns without question. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service – that’s why so many colleges come back to us time and time again.

“One-Stop Shop”

In addition to providing the data, we can also offer a print, fulfilment and mailing service. All the colleges have to do is send us the artwork and we take care of the rest.
Our quick 7-day turnaround times, coupled with the added benefit of huge savings on standard postage prices, make our service one that the colleges simply love.

Let Us Relieve the Pressure

We understand that College marketing departments have many balls to juggle – exam results, new student events, promotions, enrolment – not to mention day-to day things such as staff holidays. The task of attracting sufficient students to meet their college’s targets is no mean feat and, we hear, is often an incredibly stressful and time-consuming task. By engaging Data Bubble, that stress is reduced significantly as we can take the weight by co-ordinating the campaign for you.

Wolverhampton College said: ‘We needed data to conduct a postal campaign to parents within our local catchment area. Data Bubble provided exactly what we needed, to our specification, ensuring our campaign was a success. Their data was accurate and their service excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending them’, which is not only lovely to hear, it’s also pretty much what inspires Steve and I to get out of bed in a morning.

So, if your college is considering a campaign to attract new students or promote an event, or if you’re looking to get in touch with local businesses for apprenticeships and work placements, get in touch by calling 01274 965411.

You can Trust Data Bubble with your Marketing campaigns as we are members Chartered Institute of Marketing

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