How Steve Saved Christmas – (poetic stylee)

How Steve Saved Christmas – (poetic stylee)

How Steve saved Christmas – (poetic stylee)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse

The stockings were hung and made ready with glee

One for each dog, one for Steve, one for me!

The dogs were nestled all warm and snug in our bed

Which meant Steve and I ‘decided’ the floor instead

So Steve in his onesie and me with my Gin

Snuggled down for a lovely Christmas Eve in

When out on the lawn we heard a racket and howl

And all three dogs sat up and started to growl

We rushed to the window to discover the cause

And outside we spied none other than Santa Claus

He was small and round, but I saw as shock abated

He was red in the face ‘cos he was frustrated

He alighted his sleigh, flung his arms round a reindeer

Heaved a great sigh and said in a voice soft and yet clear;

“Oh Dasher oh Dancer, I fear I am no longer master”

And he shook his head and said “it’s a total disaster”

To the sleigh once more and to each coarser he beckoned;

“Up to the roof” and they were there in a second

Santa pops out of the chimney

Then down the chimney with much grunting and hullabaloo

Came a very grumpy Santa with words that were blue

“Why Santa, what is it” we cried, brushing soot from his jacket

“Well are either of you 7 year old Tallulah von Spracket?”

“I have a sleigh full of presents, so many, but now don’t you see?

Very few of my charges seem to be where they should be”

From his pocket he took a parchment, tatty, torn and so old

And said “Look here’s the address column marked here in bold”

“Oh I see” said Steve sagely, and I knew that he knew

That about this disaster he knew what to do

“Santa, you know Christmas will get later and later”

“If you insist on relying on such very poor data”

“How” cries Santa “Can I avoid all this trouble?”

“By getting your contacts cleaned at Data Bubble

There’s no need to panic, no need to fret

We’ll have all those gifts delivered safe yet”

And in a thrice, in a jiffy, in no time at all

It was sorted (although it was a very close call)

“Oh my friends” cried Santa, “I can’t thank you enough

“To do this without your help would have been tough”

And so glad was he that he had earned a reprieve

Many good gifts for us and the dogs did he leave

And he chuckled with mirth as he drank all Steve’s beer

Then tipped me a wink saying “see you next year”

And away he flew, saying, as he drove out of sight

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good Night!”

We wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

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