The Rise … and Rise … of Emails on Black Friday

The Rise … and Rise … of Emails on Black Friday

The Rise … and Rise … of Emails on Black Friday

Black Friday is a date now firmly ensconced in the minds of retailers and consumers alike. Love it or not, as a company, you need to be on the bandwagon!

Black Friday has become one of the busiest trading days of the year. Many well-known (and some less well-known) retailers spend thousands on advertising and marketing for this one day alone. As with Christmas, this one-day spectacular has become more of a period than a day, with many giving extended time periods in which to take advantage of their offers.

The Rise … and Rise … of Emails

Whilst many particularly large B2C organisations traditionally turn to TV advertising, the use of opted-in email marketing has risen dramatically over recent times. According to research undertaken by Custora, email marketing drove 25% of all business on Black Friday in 2015. That made email the largest revenue stream of all marketing and advertising channels.

Why Emails?

Well, quite simply, they’re effective in a cost-friendly way. In the B2C world, companies can collect customer emails at the point of sale with ease and at no cost. This face-to-face environment allows for gaining the customer’s specific opt-in at that time, ensuring compliance*. That then enables them to remain in contact with their customers through this channel, where they can promote seasonal offers, new products or simply keep their customers informed.

What about B2B?

Whilst Black Friday might seem like a B2C concept, B2B is making it pay too. I myself have received several emails from contacts promoting Black Friday offers on their goods and services. And why not? Who says such an event has to be B2C exclusively? It’s a great platform to place yourself in the spotlight of potential customers and existing customers alike. Take advantage, stand out from the crowd – who knows, you might just land the deal of the year!

And So to the Data Bubble Offer…

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*Customer consent is not everlasting and other actions need to be taken to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis

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***A minimum order of 1,000 records applies

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