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Why you Need to Publish LinkedIn Articles

Why you Need to Publish LinkedIn Articles

Many of you will know (and see) that I regularly publish LinkedIn articles. I’m rather prolific on this medium, frequently starting and contributing to discussions and more recently, publishing LinkedIn articles. I find it a great way to get myself out there – let’s face it, you have to use the tools you have to hand and when they’re of such a benefit (and free), you’d be a fool not to!

However, I have noticed over the past few weeks that certain people are publishing LinkedIn articles incorrectly and in doing so, they’re really missing a trick. To this extent, I thought I’d run a blog that effectively follows on from an earlier blog where I gave Top 10 Tips for using LinkedIn to Generate more Business (click the link to read). This blog gives tips on how best to publish LinkedIn articles to the maximum benefit for your business.

It’s All About the Content

The LinkedIn articles section is meant for exactly that – articles. The posts here are supposed to be of interest to readers – be that by way of interest or use. These can be relevant to current affairs, topics and discussions seen in groups, or even things relevant to an industry you are in or have an interest in.

This is an ideal place to post your company blog, for example. Every time I write a blog and post it to my website, I also publish it within LinkedIn articles. Similarly, if there is a particularly hot topic within your industry at present that you might wish to share or invite an opinion on – these things make for great LinkedIn articles. This can only increase your profile within LinkedIn and the more you get noticed, the more your business gets noticed – comprehended?

Some are yet to grasp the concept of LinkedIn articles and an increasing number of advertisements are appearing. Now, I’m not averse to a little free advertising when you can get it, but tread very carefully if this is what you are thinking of using LinkedIn articles for. Some LinkedIn members can get very protective of the rules of LinkedIn and they are only too happy to enforce them when given the opportunity.

I’m not talking about knocking on your door and making a citizen’s arrest. However, you can expect to receive communications asking that you remove any inappropriate LinkedIn articles and cease to post further such inappropriate content. The other thing to bear in mind is that people on LinkedIn talk to one another via LinkedIn and there is a good chance that you will crop up in conversation as being someone to avoid due to what could be deemed as abusing the LinkedIn articles facility.

Take Advantage

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to get yourself known and has many traits to it that, if used properly, can be of great benefit to you and your business with minimal or no cost. It is THE social media forum for many businesses and a large number of its members see it as a club of which they are proud to be a member.

I’d also welcome connecting with any of you on LinkedIn, so feel free to request accordingly!


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