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November Newsletter – Happy Birthday To Us!

November Newsletter – Happy Birthday To Us!

November Newsletter!

Happy Halloween, Happy All Saints’ Day and Happy Guy Fawkes Night – in fact happiness is reigning supreme at Bubble Towers this month. WE’RE 5 YEARS OLD!!!

Yes, it’s Happy Birthday to Us, as 29 October 2014 saw us reach the end of our 5th year of trading. HUGE thanks go to all of our friends and family, clients, contacts, prospects, networking friends, colleagues, acquaintances and anyone else who has been on the journey with us. THANK YOU!!!

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Data Bubble News Updates

Rogue Telemarketers Watch Out – The Clock is Ticking!

This is the message clearly being sent by the authorities to companies who persistently ignore the law and make nuisance calls.

PPI and Accident Claims dominate as being attractive to companies who see an easy way to make a quick buck. The thing is, they bring the industry reputation down, as they ignore Data Protection and PECR rules (it costs money to adhere!) and at present, it’s proving difficult to litigate against such unscrupulous firms.

That looks likely to change soon though…and we at Data Bubble welcome the proposals.

Click HERE to read the DMA’s article in full.

Well Done Joanne!

After several days of intense training, I’m delighted to announce that I have become qualified in NLP to Masters standard! Having practised NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for a few years as a Practitioner, I passed the Masters course in October. This has helped me develop the business through improved presentation skills, as well as more effective communication, to name a couple of benefits.

And finally…Check Out These Shoes…

I know this isn’t really news. However, sometimes you have to share!!! We went to London last weekend, for a well-earned break! Besides having some lovely meals (big shout out to the Allso Thai Restaurant in Wembley), we had a little retail therapy – well Steve might disagree and say that I had some therapy!!!

Anyway, I found these in a little shop at Covent Garden and, let’s say, they called out to me!

Feedback please…We welcome all feedback, good or bad, whether it relates to data supplied, our newsletters or other contact, us individually or as a company. Seriously, the only way we can ever hope to get better is through client feedback, so please keep it coming.
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