Marketing plans don’t have to be massive reports that just get filed away … Do they?

Marketing plans don’t have to be massive reports that just get filed away … Do they?

I must admit I have always thought that marketing and business plans were a little bit of a waste of time due to the fact that the information they contained was irrelevant and usually made up the bank manager or business advisor!! They often got tucked away only to be reviewed at the year end.

So this year I decided to be different … I decided to take some time out of my Christmas break and put together a mini marketing plan with a twist ….Its really an Activity plan for 2012. I’d like to share this with you

So where to start… First of all I looked at the past…

I looked at my existing customers from this I was able to identified the key industries I worked with, along with the ideal job titles, in what locations along with average order value..

This allowed me to understand and identify my best customers and my crown jewel customers…

The I looked at my activity.. What activity attracted them to me…

So how did these customers find me and what different activity did I do to obtain these customers. This includes telephone marketing, networking, social media, direct mailing and email broadcasting. This allowed me to see which activity paid off most!

Then I looked at my figures… Contact to conversion rates

I looked at how many people I contacted, how many resulted in me providing them with a quote and how many actually converted to a sale..This allowed me to calculate the activity required.

Next I sent my goals for 2012 – what did I want to achieve

I didn’t want unrealistic unachievable goal that would depress me… using the past activity with some minor improvement tweaks and a better working method allowed me to come up with some realistic yet achievable actions and thus targets.

So now here comes the activity plan

So using the conversion rates of last year I know how many contacts I have to make, how many quotes I have to send and how many orders I have to close… Which is the start of an activity plan so now its putting it into action…

Rather than putting yearly action plan together that would scare the living daylights out of me I decided to break the figures down even further, first weekly then daily. From this I was able to come up with a daily activity plan, activities broken down into bite size chunks..

I know that these activities are achievable, easy for me to for me to follow, can be reviewed at any time and are target / goal orientated, which will keeps me focused through out 2012

Finally – A plan for success

What would I do for myself on a weekly, monthly quarterly basis to reward myself for my achievements and successes … weekly massage mmm … watch out 2012 new car here I come!!! Again this provide me with motivation to do my best and achieve my goals..

I now know where I’m going in 2012, I know who I want to contact, how and when … I have a full knowledge of what I have to do to achieve my goals…

I feel ever so excited and optimistic and know that I can achieve my plan ..

Hay it goes to show marketing plans don’t have to be a massive unworkable document that’s stuck is someone draw only to be viewed once a year by the bank manager …. They can be working documents that create a road map for success..

Why no create your own map for success!!

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