Make Customer Service Your Unique Selling Point

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Make Customer Service Your Unique Selling Point

Want your Small business to stand out from the crowd then Make Customer Service Your Unique Selling Point

Have you ever stood at a shop checkout and had to wait for the assistant to finish their conversation? Have you ever rung a company and had to wait until the person answering has finished a conversation? How does that make you feel?

It never ceases to amaze me the number of times this happens. Our country is in one of its most difficult trading eras for some time. Many well-established brands are struggling to keep their heads above water. And yet, this simple and basic element of business is being ignored by so many.

Customer Service Rules OK

Customer Service is THE number one factor that differentiates you from your competitors. Sure, there are other elements – price, quality, speed of delivery. But customer service is the one area that people will talk about above all else. We are in the midst of an era of social media and online reviews. Do you want to risk your reputation on something that’s so simple and inexpensive to get right?

I remember the opening scene of one of my favourite films, Reservoir Dogs. Sat around the breakfast table in a diner, one of the group was arguing against tipping the waitress. All except one threw a dollar onto the table as a tip. The one arguing that the waitress’s customer service was ok, but not exceptional. His argument was that if the service is OK, then they’re getting paid for that already. Only if their customer service is exceptional, was he prepared to give a tip. Rightly or wrongly, this highlights how many people regard customer service!

You Need to Stand Out from the Crowd

People buy people … so providing your product or service is as good as the competition, you need to make them want to buy from you. Let me ask you – would you buy the same product from somewhere that has average or fantastic service? I’ll bet my money on the latter! In fact, many people would be happy to pay a little more, if their buying experience was worth the extra!

The philosophy translates to any line of business as well. Whether you’re a checkout assistant, a steward at a football match or the CEO of an organisation. You’re a representative of that company. How you interact with your customers will have a direct impact upon your company’s profits. Don’t forget that without customers, your company wouldn’t exist!

Lead by Example

So, make it a priority for your company by making it your USP. Make it day 1 of your company’s training policy. Then retain it as a regular part of your working schedule. Lead by example, and make sure your employees know and buy into the philosophy. It’s not rocket science, but it can set your company aside from your competition. And with such poor service available these days, it’s a simple and cost-free quick win!

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