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January Newsletter

January Newsletter

This Month’s Newsletter!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Feliz Ano Nuevo! Bon Annee! Frohes Neues Jahr! Apologies for any nations I’ve omitted, but this is the extent of our linguistic capabilities I’m afraid! Nevertheless, the sentiment goes out to all. May 2016 bring you all you wish for both in business and pleasure.

This month focuses on the theme of New Year, New Review – Business Review that is.

We hope, as always, that you enjoy this month’s newsletter…. Call Joanne or Steve on 01274 965411

Data Bubble News Updates

And STILL the ICO Truck Marches On

Anyone who has in the past been found guilty of saying that the ICO has no teeth must surely be reconsidering such a position.

After an increasing number of fines were issued last year for widely reported breaches such as hacks and data leaks, the ICO has reminded us recently of the need to avoid even the simplest of mistakes. The Commissioner has recently issued a fine to an organisation which sent out a newsletter, but instead of ensuring the recipients’ email addresses were BCC’d, they included them in the “To” box, revealing several recipients’ email addresses.

Such a practice, whether erroneous or not, is not uncommon. Please take note and watch out for our upcoming BLOG, which will delve deeper into the fine and the need for compliance.

New Year Business Review

Whilst we should all be arguably reviewing the business on an ongoing basis, New Year brings a great opportunity to review the business generally, as a whole. Looking back at the last year allows you to focus on what went right (and what went wrong) so that you can maximise this year.

Again, we will be writing a more in depth blog about this and what our time in business has taught us to focus on. The blog will be published tomorrow, so we urge you to watch out for it, either via our website or our social media channels.

And finally…

You may recall in last month’s newsletter that the film Frozen had gripped the Clayton household. Well, despite that still being the most watched film over Christmas (and most sung!), a new phenomenon has gripped us.

Following another recommendation, from the same friends I might add (I’m gonna ostracise them soon!), we’re now gripped by 24. Yes, Jack Bauer is in our home every evening. 2 seasons in under 2 weeks! Sigh…

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