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How To Sell …… Or Not!

How To Sell …… Or Not!

This blog is about how to sell in business or maybe it’s how not to sell, we hope you enjoy it.

OK, admit it – you watch The Apprentice, right? Now, go on, admit that you also love nothing more than staring at the screen in disbelief at how thick some of the contestants are……and maybe sharing your thoughts on the likes of Twitter and Facebook! Or is that just me (I doubt it)????

It seems to me that every year, they wheel out even more cretinous wannabees than the previous year. Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re not completely rubbish, in fact far from it. Some of them have a few quite brilliant ideas and methodology about them, however, each has his or her strap line which is an early indication of what the following 14 weeks or so is likely to unveil.

You always get the usual “I’m a tiger….grrrr” or “I eat, sleep and live business”, along with the egotistical “Nobody wants this more than me – I always give 120%” – quite how it’s possible to give more than 100% remains to be something that is beyond me, nevertheless let’s not get into that shall we…..

Last week, for those who didn’t see it, the task was to sell “outdoor living” products at The Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham – two lesser value items and one big-ticket item, to be precise. Now, fair enough, not everyone enjoys this lifestyle the same way as Steve and I do, nevertheless, the best selling people don’t need to love or own the product themselves personally, they simply need to convey passion to the customer.

How, then, could one of the contestants possibly hope to convey passion about a product by trying to sell with his arms folded? I despair! I’m no semantics Guru, however, apart from snooking violently and openly stating a desire to be anywhere else rather than right here, is there a less welcoming mannerism that a salesperson can convey? I’d love to know your thoughts! Top that off with a dull, unenthusiastic drone tone about his voice and you wonder why his sales totalled…..ZERO!

How to Sell

As you know we are keen to offer sales and marketing advice to our readers.

So Readers…..please, please, PLEASE – if your job involves any customer contact – not only in sales and not only face to face but any customer contact – make sure you understand the very basics of how customers wish to be treated. Always think of yourself as being your customer when you’re in communication with them – that way, you’ll appreciate how you’re making your customer feel, since you’ll know how you’d feel to receive the service you’re giving them.

Avoid crossed arms, slouching back in a chair, monotone “uninterested” voice, looking at your fingernails etc. Open arms and hand gesticulation is great, an animated voice shows passion, sitting straight shows attentiveness and tilting your head slightly as they talk shows you’re listening to them! These are a few amongst many tips I could give and OK, not all of these traits can be showcased during a telephone conversation or by email, nevertheless, they’re simply examples of how to connect with the customer – I invite you to think of other ways and share them with us – please!

We hope you enjoy our blogs and welcome any comments

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