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Ever Had Problems Running an Email Campaign?


Ever Had Problems Running an Email Campaign?

Ever Had Problems Running an Email Campaign?

Have you ever been blocked from running an Email campaign from an Email Service Provider?
Has your Email Campaign been rejected by an Email Service provider?

Well this happened to one of my clients last week …

They were planning a sales promotion to land on Valentine’s day. They got the data, had the template designed and then mastered their copy. All seemed well … until their Email Service Provider rejected their content at the last minute …

Our client struggled to get a reasonable answer as to why their content was rejected. Furthermore, they were blocked from using the site to promote their business.

Data Bubble to the rescue

We received the data and the copy, and turned it around in just 4 hours. This allowed our client to conduct their email campaign to promote their services in time for Valentine’s day!!!

We are passionate about marketing. In fact, our mantra is “Marketing is about contacting the right people at the right time with the right message, on a regular basis.” However, a lot of businesses just don’t have time to undertake regular marketing. They know they should, but other things like client meetings and general work gets in the way. Either that or they simply can’t be bothered with it, only thinking about marketing when it’s quiet.

Business data and email campaign package

That’s why we have come up with a E-mailer email package that will allow you to contact your ideal prospects by email marketing, on a regular basis, allowing you to get on with running your business.

  • You receive a list of your ideal business prospects
  • We create an email template for you
  • An email broadcast is conducted on a monthly basis with your copy
  • You get full reporting, along with access to the analytics
  • You can download a list of the people who have opened your email, allowing you to connect and follow up
  • We handle all unsubscribe and deletion requests coming from the email broadcasts, complying with subscriber rights under GDPR

We take care of every element of your email campaign from start to finish, leaving you to run your business.

About the Business Data

We provide Business Data from the Comprehensive Business Database which contains approx. 1.7 million UK business records. This information is collected from various sources including Companies House, directories, credit reference agencies etc. It is then telephone verified on a rolling basis to ensure accuracy and gather further details such as contact name & job title, email address, size of company etc.

Data selections include

  • Industry Type – i.e. Abattoirs to Zoos
  • Location
  • Number of Employees
  • Turnover

Other lists are available (i.e. Fleet Database / Job Titles Database) and prices vary – call us for your bespoke Business Data!

Both Steve and Joanne are members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

For more information call 01274 965411 Visit E-Mailer

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