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Marketing Data FAQs

The Data Broker’s FAQs

Here are the top 10 FAQs you need answers to, to better understand the business of buying data lists for your business. And if any of your questions aren’t answered below, call us today on 0113 465 5555. we’re always here to help. What Are the Benefits of Business Data Marketing? A. Business data marketing …

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Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists.

How Colleges are using targeted mailing lists

Colleges regularly utilise a variety of different marketing techniques to spread the word about the college. The trick lies in knowing which method is going to perform the best for your college within your available budget. Display banners, social media, advertisements and the like deliver your message to a wide number of people. However, how …

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higher education marketing

Key Tips for Marketing your College

Postal marketing is one of the best methods for engaging with young adults considering Post16 options or applying for college / higher education. However, any marketing is only effective if you have all the right elements and put them together. Here at Data Bubble, we have years of experience working closely with colleges to help …

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