Top 4 Tips on getting your Direct Marketing Message to the Right Person

Top 4 Tips on getting your Direct Marketing Message to the Right Person

I love my job! It’s great to help businesses finely hone their marketing strategies and improve their profit margins by passing on the golden rules of Direct Marketing:

The Right Message, to the right person, at the right time!

It’s a mantra that really is effective. Last week I wrote about how to get the right message across, so this week let’s have a look at what needs to happen to find the right people to market to.

It’s all in the profile

Who is it that will most likely buy from you? It’s very useful to consider the profile of the person you want to market to. This applies to both B2B and B2C industries. With B2B consider what their role is in their business, what are their needs? How will what you do benefit them? What might their interests be? With B2C have a think about age brackets, marital status, hobbies, children, location etc.

There’s no point marketing to a sole trader if what you do really only applies to large corporates. Similarly, marketing your beautifully crafted, wooden garden forts for the under twelves to people who have no interest in having children is a waste of everyone’s time!

Having a clear idea of who you are sending your marketing message to has the advantage of making your message easier to write and also to make it more appealing and engaging to the reader.

It’s all in your contacts

As I have mentioned before, clean data is paramount in how effective your marketing efforts will be.

When was the last time you updated your entire contacts list? Spending some time ensuring your existing contact list is up-to-date is an effective use of your time (or out-sourcing this task is an excellent use of your budget). Your time, resources and money are squandered if you apply a scattergun approach and don’t ensure your data is clean and up to date. Although a laborious task it does help to ensure you are getting your message to the right person.

In B2B, people move roles, leave for pastures new, businesses go under or expand. In B2C people move home, have children, get promotions, suffer bereavements. Having clean data, targeted to the audience you want to appeal to is so important in Direct Marketing success. The last thing you want to be is a nuisance with no relevance!

It’s all in the targeted data

Once you have looked at the profile of the person you want to sell to, you can then find new prospects through the use of a reputable data provider. There are many selections you can make to target your message to the right person. For B2B campaigns data preferences include job role, industry type and size, postcode area and turnover to name but a few. B2C preferences include gender, age, location, income and children.

Tailoring your message to the person most likely to have an interest in your products or services makes for an effective campaign with the largest possible up-take.

It’s all in the Follow-up

Analyse your results! There are analytical tools aplenty, many of them at little cost, to help you keep track of how successful your Direct Marketing campaigns are. Reviewing your results helps you to know if your message is targeted at the right person. Knowing where your campaigns have had success (or not), allows you to adjust accordingly, making the most of your precious marketing budget.

As I said, I really do love my job! If I can be of help to your business with data cleaning, targeted business data or consumer data or any aspect of your marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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