December Newsletter

December Newsletter

This Month’s Newsletter!

Wow – December newsletter already? Where did this year go?

There can be only one topic for this month’s newsletter can’t there…yes, you guessed it…FROZEN!!!

OK, so you didn’t guess it – you thought I was gonna say Christmas, right? Well wrong! Christmas is almost upon us, sure, and the thought of going out and buying all those presents will hit at some point no doubt (for Steve, that point is usually Boxing Day!!), but for now, we’ve just found out about Frozen. I have to admit, whilst it was never something we thought about watching, we were advised to give it a try by friends and it’s taken over our lives now. We suddenly have Frozen glasses, placemats, an Olaf toy and a sing-along version of the film. I mean, we’re both 46 years old and we’ve been grabbed by the phenomenon.

Anyway, besides waking up singing “Do you want to build a snowman” in my head, I think we’ll keep this edition nice and short, with a nobbut brief mention of the “C” word!

We hope, as always, that you enjoy this month’s newsletter…. Call Joanne or Steve on 01274 965411

Data Bubble News Updates

The ICO Truck Marches On

You may recall that last month, we reported that the ICO had issued a huge £200k fine against a Welsh lead generation company. Their muscle-flexing, it seems, continues to take place…

Spurred seemingly by recent investigations into the charity sector and its practices, the ICO has broadened its investigative concerns beyond the suppliers alone and is now targeting the companies (and their agents) too. The move will ensure that more emphasis is placed on the burden of proof falling at the feet of those using the data (the cold-callers), as opposed to those being targeted (i.e. the consumer). In other words, if you use marketing data, you need to be certain that it complies with the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) by having the appropriate opt-ins and being TPS compliant. In other words, any idea that the consumer must prove negligence is abolished completely.

In addition to the above, the ICO is to issue letters to 1,000 data companies in a fact-finding mission to understand how they comply with the law. Needless to say, any that are unable to prove compliance may face sanctions ranging from education regarding the laws and best practices, through to potential fines and further action.

Steve and I welcome these moves, as it can only help to eradicate the industry of rogue traders who blatantly disregard the law to their own personal ends, which brings the industry as a whole into disrepute.

And finally…So here it is, Merry Christmas

We shall end with a very simple message – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We wish all of our friends, family, colleagues and prospects alike a fantastic and wondrous festive season. Here’s hoping it’s filled with merriment and joy and that 2016 brings you all that you hoped for.

We’ll see you next year and in the meantime, THANK YOU FOR A FANTASTIC 2015.

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