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Data Hygiene: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

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Data Hygiene: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

What is data hygiene? Data hygiene encompasses all the processes used to ensure the cleanliness of data. Data hygiene is all about ‘cleaning’ data so that is relatively error-free.

Data hygiene is extremely important. If you purchase B2B, B2C, or any kind of marketing data that is dirty data, your marketing campaign will be hindered and ineffective. On the other hand, clean data used with a good marketing campaign can reap massive rewards for a business looking to generate more leads and sales.

Increase Your Customers

Would you like more new customers? Do you want to increase your sales? If so your campaign can only be effective with the right data, and that’s where Data Bubble helps. We provide clean, GDPR compliant data that will help you to generate more leads and achieve more sales.

Why Is Data Hygiene Important?

Marketers and salespeople are reliant on accurate customer data. If the data is inaccurate, it’s only logical to assume that the effectiveness of a marketing campaign will be affected. If you’re pumping a lot of money into your marketing but you’re using dirty data, your marketing efforts will never come to fruition.

In a nutshell, that’s why data hygiene is very important. If data is clean, marketing campaigns can be effective. If data is riddled with errors, even the most convincing marketing campaign won’t deliver results.

What Does Data Hygiene Encompass?

How does data hygiene actually work? Well, it all comes back to data scrubbing, which is also known as data cleansing.

Data cleansing is the process of removing incorrect, incomplete, and improperly formatted data from a database. For example, removing email addresses that are no longer used, or removing data records that have typing errors. There are a number of data cleansing techniques, such as:

Removing irrelevant records
Getting rid of duplicate records
Correcting any typing mistakes
Standardising so all records contain the same data in the same format

It’s important to buy your data from a business that takes data hygiene very seriously. Here at Data Bubble, we regularly perform data scrubbing to ensure the cleanliness of our data. We pride ourselves on keeping our data clean so that your marketing campaigns can be as successful as possible when you work with us. You can find out more about our Data Cleaning service here and find out how it works.

Data Hygiene Best Practices: The Process For Cleaning Your Data

Dirty data’s a big problem, but it’s a problem that can be overcome by following a data cleansing process. This is something that Data Bubble can help you with because we can help you with each of the steps outlined below.

Audit: Before anything, you must perform an audit. An audit allows us to determine how bad the damage is, so to speak. Audit the software and systems that you use, determine what data is needed and whether you need to perform a deep cleanse.
Establish a standardisation: Before proceeding, establish a standardisation. Determine what your data records need to contain and capture only that data in future. Remove anything but that data from your records.
Automate cleansing: Once you’ve completed the above steps, there are advanced tools that you can use to automate data cleansing. This is much easier than manually going through data and manually altering and removing records.

This all sounds a bit complicated, but don’t worry: we’ve got your back. Contact us today for your FREE data records and we’ll talk you through data cleansing over the phone; it’s much easier to explain that way!

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