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Direct Marketing in Pastures New! Data Bubble Has Moved

Direct Marketing in Pastures New! Data Bubble Has Moved

As I write this I am sitting at my new desk in our swanky new offices. Bubble Towers has moved!

Our new address is:

Offices 7 & 8,

Ground Floor,

Beck Mill,

Reva Syke Road,



BD14 6QY

Our new phone number is 01274 965411.

We have spent the last few days packing up the old office and moving everything here. Steve has remarked on several (by which I mean countless!) occasions how glad he is that the new offices are on the ground floor, what with his bad ankle and all the boxes he’s had to carry. Once I pointed out to him the location of the kitchen and made him a brew, he cheered up immeasurably!

Effective marketing leads to business expansion

We have been planning this move for some time and have been on the lookout for the right place to move to. We have instigated our short, mid and long term marketing strategies so we were able to plan and instigate a spot of business expansion. Earlier this year the lovely David joined us and has been an invaluable asset to the team.

We knew that once David was on board we would need to re-locate in order to ensure the business remained streamlined. Although we all get on it was becoming a tight squeeze what with us, the dogs and all the office equipment needed to run a business efficiently. It was all starting to feel ‘snug’! As we are thinking about taking on the next ‘Bubble Jr’ fairly soon, we decided it was definitely time to move onwards and upwards!

New Home, New Outlook

Our new offices really are lovely – the building is a converted mill but the interior design has been very well thought out. Being in a new space gives you a fresh outlook on things. I stunned Steve by not letting him sit at his desk until I had cleaned it (those of you who know me well know that my instinct to clean stuff is usually fairly non-existent!!)

An interesting quirk of the building is that the first floor offices are numbered the same as the ground floor, so it’s important to put ‘ground floor’ on the address or poor old Steve will have to hobble up the stairs to retrieve and deliver post (I would go but I’ll be too busy cleaning!). Other businesses that share the building include IT, Telecoms and even a Karate Dojo (hmmm- tempting!)

I can’t say that moving an entire office is a breeze or that waiting for BT to do their stuff is complete without frustration, but it is worth it. We have so much more space and we are now able to host client meetings comfortably. The dogs are allowed in and Steve is seriously considering giving them their own desks with phones and headsets. Although if you call first thing in the morning and the voice on the other end of the phone sounds growly and raspy – it’s probably just Steve ‘pre-brew’!

So, here’s to a new chapter in the life and times of the Data Bubble! If you’d like to come along and see us, or if we can help you towards your next business expansion with marketing strategies and effective data lists, please get in touch and drop in for a brew!

For more information or a quote then call Joanne Clayton on 01274 965411.

PS – it’s not too late to book onto Steve’s seminar in Wakefield on Tuesday 3 June – Click HERE for details and to book your place

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