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For The Sake of Clean Data – Don’t Forget the Basics

For The Sake of Clean Data – Don’t Forget the Basics

Further to my recent blog about KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), I thought I’d drop another little nugget of advice regarding direct marketing content. This is thanks to a recent email I received. Let me explain…

There’s Something Missing…

I received a marketing email last week which, at first glance, had all the appropriate content. It was, after all, informing me (and presumably their entire contact list) that they had re-branded. These emails can be great for ensuring you keep up-to-date, clean data on your clients and prospects with minimal effort and cost.

The email was very well produced in many ways, since it caught the eye not only through its content but also its use of pictures. It contained details about their new brand, new logo, new website, new products, even their new address. Unfortunately, what it didn’t include was details about what the company was called “pre-re-brand”, i.e. how do we know each other?

It’s All About Having Clean Data!

I like to keep my contact list up to date, so like I say, things like this are great ways to ensure your database contains clean data organically. However, whose record do I update?

I could, perhaps, go to their new website, hope to pick up some clues and maybe follow a chain to find out what they traded as previously. It might even contain details of the company employees, such that I could find who it is there that I know. However, even if that did, there’s no guarantee of success. It could be a time-consuming exercise on a hiding to nothing. So let’s say no to that shall we and do the only other thing seemingly appropriate – DELETE!

This comes with consequences, since I (and their other contacts) may have incorrect details in our databases. If there’s no re-direction or further communication that supplies the information needed, I may now be unwittingly “cut off” from this contact. I may want to purchase something from them, but since the only details I have are their previous details, I may come to think they are no longer trading. If I called their old phone number, emailed their old email address or visited their old website, would I hit a brick wall?

Guess Who?

Much as I loved this game as a kid, I don’t wish to play it as an adult. Certainly not when it comes to having to work out who I’m receiving emails from. Heck, even Prince Derek the Third from the Island of Bermuda lets me know who he is before asking my bank details so he can send me the £123 trillion dollars he wants me to have! If he can get it right, how come others closer to home can get it so wrong?

The lesson is this…keep your contacts informed, but don’t forget about the basic stuff. This isn’t the first time I’ve received something along these lines – believe it or not, I’ve had similar through the post.

The basic stuff can often be the most important piece of information, the bit that determines between a click-through or a delete, a phone call or silence, a sale or no sale. Make sure you get it right!

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