Have You Got The Christmas Break All Wrapped Up?

Have You Got The Christmas Break All Wrapped Up?

Want to know the secret of a happy marriage? – Do the unexpected. That’s what happened to Steve last Sunday when I suddenly announced we were going shopping for Christmas Decorations (we don’t usually make a big fuss about trees and decorations – I’d rather spend the money on the dogs!)All of a Sudden There’s a Plan

So, while we are rummaging our way through the fabulous array of baubles, tinsel, trees and other shiny stuff, we start reviewing where we are at with regards to the festive season and all that is required to make it special. You know the kind of thing;

Cards – ones to post, ones to hand deliver. Who’s getting a funny one, who’s getting a glitter encrusted winter scene etc?

Pressies! – What are we getting, where are we getting it from, when’s the last day for posting?

Wrapping paper – Are we going with a theme? Bows or ribbons? Or both? Have we got enough matching gift tags?

Tree – Man alive, why is this so complicated? Do we go artificial? Green or Silver? Living tree? With roots? Spruce? Low needle drop?

Big Bird – Turkey – or shall we go radical with Goose? Order from the farm shop or from the supermarket. How are we going to get something that big in the fridge??!

All the Trimmings – As we’ve got to apparently eat the equivalent of our body weight during Christmas day, have we organised getting our favourites in?

Drinkie-poos – Is the drinks cabinet full to bursting – and if not, why not?

We decided, after doing our little mental check-list, we still have some stuff to sort and thankfully we still had 3 weeks to do it!

The Best Plans are Done in Advance

When we got back to the grindstone on Monday we realised that our plan for the Christmas break from a business point of view was far more organised than our personal one. Getting everything in order means you have a much better chance of actually powering down the batteries for a few days, and actually having a break.

Top 4 Tips of Things To Do in the Run-Up to Christmas

  1. Look after your clients – Have you organised how you are going to thank your clients for their business over the last year? Keeping in touch and making them feel valued will help your chances of return business.
  2. Look after your email communications – plan your New Year emails. Draft them up now so you can hit the ground running. Plan your communications to your existing clients and to new ones. What will the New Year bring for your business? New products/services/promotions? How will you communicate this – and to whom? Who will your first new customers in 2014 be? Organise your data
  3. Look after your social media and blogs – How will you manage this over the Christmas break? Will you schedule posts beforehand? It’s worth thinking about this in advance so you don’t completely fall off the radar.
  4. Look after the first week in January now – What’s the plan for the first week back? Arriving back in the office slightly befuddled will lose you days of opportunities. Plan all your marketing activities now to ensure you are all guns blazing and pro-active at the start of the New Year – you can bet your competitors are!


It’s all about planning who you are going to communicate with, how you are going to do it and what you are going to say. Planning all this now will have the New Year all wrapped up before you have even opened your first present.

Please get in touch if you need help with data and planning your 2014 marketing campaigns.

Hmmmm . . . . . wonder if Steve will let me buy Santa hats for the dogs. Wonder if Steve will let me buy a Santa hat for him? Oh, which reminds me . . . . . . Crackers!!

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