Can you trust where your data list is coming from?

Can you trust where your data list is coming from?

Can you trust where your data list is coming from?

Bubble Towers has been a hive of activity of late, which is a great position to be in and this week’s article has been prompted by the comments of a client. The client in question had been on the receiving end of unreliable data in the past and the experience had coloured their perception of data lists in general and data list providers in particular!

Good point, well made, we thought. And we always love a challenge! Accordingly, we thought a quick canter through what to look for in a reputable data list provider would be as beneficial for our lovely readers as they were for our lovely client.

Herewith then, our own trumpets poised and at the ready:-

How you know you can trust your data list provider

Marketing Skills

Our understanding of how to market a business is a key component of our services. It’s not just a list of contact details you get from us. Our services can be as comprehensive as our clients need. By understanding your business, we can advise on the best routes to market and help you plan your marketing strategy ensuring that your direct marketing investment is working hard for you.

The Joys of Being a Broker

Steve’s favourite bit this! Being a broker means that we can be objective. We take the time to understand the requirements of our clients, enabling us to source the list that best fits their needs. We don’t foist any old list on you because it vaguely fits – no ramming square pegs into round holes at Bubble Towers – we can cherry-pick the best data lists for the job.

Being an independent company means we are not tied in to data list owners. We have built our reputation on expertise and integrity. If a list isn’t available or appropriate we will tell you.

Trusted Suppliers

We have a stable of trusted, reputable suppliers so we can be confident in providing current, targeted lists that help you get The right message, to the right person at the right time. We take providing correct, good quality data very seriously. In the event of any information being duplicated or incorrect, we will replace it without a quibble.

DMA membership

Being a member of the Direct Marketing Association means we adhere to their codes of practice and industry guidelines. For our clients this means they can be assured that we are compliant with legislation and the data we provide contains only contacts that have opted in to be approached by a third party. We are also able to provide quality guarantees with all data lists provided.

Return on Investment

The combination of the above means that your direct marketing efforts are targeted and you are getting The right message, to the right person at the right time. Ooh, I’ve already said that – see how important it is?! You don’t need a massive marketing budget to make a considerable difference to your bottom line. The trick is to make each pound you spend go as far as possible.

Trumpet blowing aside, if you are considering buying in a data list, it’s worth remembering the points above when choosing your provider to ensure a maximum ROI.

If you are looking to make 2014 your year for effective marketing campaigns, why not call us on 01274 483936 for a no-obligation chat about your needs – perhaps we can help!

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