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Business Conferences and their Place in your Marketing Strategy

Business Conferences and their Place in your Marketing Strategy

Business Conferences and their Place in your Marketing Strategy

Business conference season is upon us and there are plenty in the region to whet your appetite, whatever the nature of your business. Business conferences are a valuable networking and marketing opportunity whether you are visiting, running a stand or presenting at a seminar.

And speaking of seminars – check us out!

We love nothing more than to talk about what we do and help other businesses. And this coming week, on the 19th March we shall be presenting ‘So . . . you want more customers’ at City Hub Bradford. An informative presentation, full of useful hints and tips about all things Direct Marketing related:

  • How to leverage your existing client base
  • Inexpensive direct marketing tools
  • How to purchase an effective direct marketing list
  • How to use social media in business
  • Measuring the success of your direct marketing campaigns
  • Legislation regarding direct marketing

It’s free to attend and you can book your place.

We will also be presenting at the Wakefield Business Conference on Tuesday 3rd June. It is part of the Wakefield Business Week events, which run from 2nd to 6th June. We’ll keep you posted on where and when we will be presenting.

Back to the subject of conferences and their place in your marketing strategy

So, why do we do it? Why do we spend all day at these conferences, giving away our expertise and vast experience?

It’s good for business

And here are some of the reasons why:

  • Brand awareness – some people may never have heard of you. Some people may have heard of you but never met you. Some people may know of you but be unaware of all that you offer. Some people may know you, used your products or services in the past and be reminded.
  • Expertise – For all the people mentioned above, an insight into your area of expertise can cement your brand in their minds. A very useful marketing tool when following up. They may not be in need of your products / services immediately, but will remember you when they are.
  • Contacts – everyone you meet at a business conference is a new contact, an addition to your business network and a potential customer.
  • Referrals – You may be able to refer a trusted supplier to someone you meet. They will remember you for this.
  • Communications – get in amongst it! Catch up with people you know well and meet some new connections – be sociable! People don’t want to buy from a hard sell, but they do want to buy from someone personable that they feel they can trust.

Walking the Talk

Whether you have just presented brilliantly, run a good and well-visited stand or visited as a networking opportunity, don’t forget to follow up. Drop the people you have connected with a personal email to say you enjoyed meeting them and valued their time – a great start to a new business relationship!

We hope to see you at City Hub on the 19th as well as the one in June, though we’ll give you some time to plan for that! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for news of your local business conference opportunities – they really are a Grand Day Out!

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