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An Accurate Business Database is Key to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Telemarketing Sales Questions accurate Business data is key to a successful telemarketing campaign

An Accurate Business Database is Key to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Accurate Business Data is Key to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

The thing is, a campaign is only as good as the data and if the data is poor quality, then the results are likely to be poor.

B2B Marketing Data

Data is the most important element whenever you are undertaking any type of Direct marketing campaign. This is especially so for a telemarketing campaign, since it is the most time consuming direct marketing channel. There’s nothing more frustrating than repeatedly finding dead or incorrect phone lines, so for a telephone marketing campaign, make sure the data you are using is clean and up to date. Whether it’s your own data that you cleanse before the campaign, or a B2B marketing data list you have purchased, this step is vital.

Make sure you know your campaign

Before you start, be sure to know your ultimate goal. Whether it’s a special one off promotion, or a campaign to promote a your full service range, keep that in mind. Make sure you have some great questions that will make every call count: problem; solution; benefit …

Consider doing a research call

An initial fact finding or research call to gather specific information can help to save time and money for the follow up elements to your campaign. This step can enable you to ensure you address a mailshot / email to the correct person, or even eliminate people who aren’t interested at all. It can also assist with the timing of your next step. For example, knowing that a new contact is due to start in two weeks, or that a company will be looking to source a new contractor next month, would help you immensely.

Make sure you send the relevant, personalised information

Personalised communications are a great way of engaging with your prospects. Receiving relevant information that is addressed to them as an individual is far more likely to yield results than generic info. If you don’t have the information needed to allow you to do this, consider approaching a data cleansing company such as Data Bubble, as they can enhance your database with additional fields of information.

Make sure you include reference to common problems they may face and how your product / service can help them overcome those problems. Such relevant information will be more likely to spark an interest such that they will call you, or at least remember you when you make a follow up call.

Make sure you act on requests

If someone asks for further information or a quote, make sure you send the information straight away. If for any reason that’s not possible, inform them why and advise when you will be able to send the info. If the request comes via email and you need some time to respond, send an acknowledgement email, again with an estimate of time scales. That way, it makes sure your conversation is fresh in their minds, plus gives the impression that your business is professional and efficient.

Be regular and consistent with you calling

Telemarketing is not a one off campaign, you need keep doing it consistently and regularly to get the best results. Even if it’s one day a week, the regularity will help to create an ongoing pipeline of leads in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead. Furthermore, you will find that you get into your stride the more calls you make – that will allow for your patter to become more fluent and your confidence will show in your calls.

Regular Communications Keep your Leads Fresh

One good way to keep potential clients informed of the services and updates you have is by sending a newsletter once a month / quarter. This can be done efficiently by email, or if budgets allow, a mailing is a lovely touch. This keeps you in the mind of your prospect so that way when they need your services, they will immediately think of you. In addition, should you call them, they will know straight away who you are. It is also more likely to provoke your prospect / client into advising you of any change in their circumstances, which helps you remain compliant.

Be prepared for questions and objections

As with many things in life, preparation is key. Knowing your typical pushbacks and having the answers to hand demonstrate that you know your stuff, which gives your prospect confidence. Being interesting and enthusiastic about how your product / service can help them overcome their common issues is great, though deliver it in an empathetic manner – it’s very easy to be perceived as cocky, so be careful to avoid this at all costs. People want to know how your product or service will make their life easier, save them time, save them money. Know what to say to handle objections and always be polite.

Keep the information and use it

There’s no point undertaking a telephone campaign and then doing nothing with the information gathered. Ideally, put the contact information into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system along with a note of the communications held and set a diary alert to make sure you follow up with the prospect at the right time. If you don’t have a CRM system, then diarise and take notes in a manner available to you such that you don’t “drop the ball”, so to speak. These steps will ensure your B2B marketing data is kept up-to-date effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money in the future.

Don’t give up

Telemarketing was once described to me as being the most extreme roller coaster known to mankind. The lows can be very low, but the highs are like nothing else you can experience. Getting that sale is a fantastic feeling and, in my opinion, well worth the lows. So, my final piece of advice to you is this … You will always get people who will say no, but that’s fine – that’s part of life. Don’t let it get you down, move on to the next one – eventually you will get there!

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