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5 Steps To Kick Start Your Sales

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5 Steps To Kick Start Your Sales

Do you want to Kick Start Your Sales?

Many sales people are coming back from furlough and starting to look at their targets and pipelines.

Many projects have been put on hold or even cancelled, meaning that once-healthy sales pipelines have been decimated.

As such, I thought I would create a blog on 5 Ways To Kick Start Your Sales.

Step 1 – Contact your existing customers

Many companies have contacted their existing customers to tell them that they are still trading, or informed them about the safety procedures they have put in place. However, how many have contacted customers about their current projects with them?

Do you know the status of the project? Have their requirements changed? What’s the time scale?

You may have put off the call as you are nervous to know the outcome. However, if you don’t contact them, then you won’t know!

These may be scary questions, but these clients have already bought into you and your proposal, so continue to build your relationship with them.

Step 2 – Contact your prospects

Contact your prospects, as their priorities may have changed. I know that I have put some projects on hold, and moved forward with others. Your prospects may have done the same, but if you don’t contact them, how are you going to know?

Get to know your prospects even better to build that relationship, because if you don’t contact them, your competitors may just step in.

Step 3 – Contact prospects that said no

Contact prospects that have said no in the past, as again, things may have changed. Let’s face it, the whole world has changed, whether we like it or not – that includes for your prospect! They may have said no in the past, but it may be top of their priority list now.

You never know – your competition may not have been able to deliver what they promised, or perhaps their staff have been furloughed so they can’t deliver. Even worse, they may have gone out of business, leaving your prospect stranded.

You may just be the help that they need, so be bold and contact your prospects that said no. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Step 4 – Look at your LinkedIn content

How many people connect and forget? Trust me – it’s lots!

You already have a connection, maybe you have met in person at a networking event, maybe someone commented on one of your posts. There’s a reason you sent a connection request or accepted their connection, so start a conversation.

Reconnect with your LinkedIn contacts and start building up a relationship – You could be leaving money on the table.

Step 5 – Start a marketing campaign

It’s about contacting the right person with the right message at the right time

  • Plan a marketing campaign
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Get an accurate
  • Promote your business via telephone, or email marketing
  • Build your pipeline

With businesses coming out of lockdown, now is the ideal time to start building relationships and kick start your sales

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