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3 Tips to Avoid Email Blacklist

3 Tips to Avoid Email Blacklist

What are Email blacklists?

An email blacklist is a real-time database that contains a list IP addresses / domains that are considered as unwanted or spam. If your IP address is backlisted, then your emails will be blocked.

Ending up on an email blacklist can hurt your delivery rate, which will cost you valuable time and money.

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Here are 3 best practices to avoid ending up on an email blacklist

Have clear opt-ins.

Give a reason why you are collecting an email address and how you are using it. If someone feels tricked into subscribing to your email list, they are more likely to file a complaint against you.

Use automated process

Manual entry can increase the chance of a typo which would mean your emails would bounce and be flagged up in a spam traps.

Clean your email list regularly

Delete inactive subscribers or subscribers that haven’t opened emails in several months. Email that bounce back will decreased your delivery rates and may lead them to mark your IP address as spam.

3 best practices to avoid ending up on an email blacklist

Landing on an email blacklist is entirely preventable and avoidable by implementing these email best practices.

Effective email marketing campaigns need to deliver great content and stay off email blacklists!

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