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23% of sales is generated by direct marketing – can you afford to ignore the statistics?

23% of sales is generated by direct marketing – can you afford to ignore the statistics?

News flash!! 23% of sales are generated by direct marketing – can you afford to ignore the statistics?

According to a recent survey undertaken by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct marketing generated an average of 23% of sales in 2011. With 4 out of 5 companies providing Business to Business (B2B) services being the most reliant on direct marketing.

The question you need to ask yourself is – are you part of this statistic?

Direct marketing – a way of communicating your goods and services to a targeted audience – is an excellent way of ensuring your business gets noticed by your ideal customer, as these statistics clearly prove. With statistics like these direct marketing ought to be seen as an investment and not an expense!

In addition to this statistic, DMA research estimates that in the next 12 months, the number of money companies is predicted to invest in email marketing is set to increase by 11.9% alone! In an economy suffering as it is and with no indication of when a recovery is to occur, these figures can’t fail to go unnoticed by even the shrewdest of business people.

Whilst direct emails are just one means of getting your message across, they represent a truly dynamic means of delivering your message to your ideal customer. Your message lands directly to the computer or mobile phone, not only of your target business but of the person with the power to place an order with your company. Furthermore, with minimal input required from you to get a project off the ground, it is a really time-effective way of generating business. If you have any doubts as to its effectiveness, check out the full details of the DMA’s research.

You may feel your business would be better served by a direct mailing campaign, then statistics show that 16% of business was generated through this medium, another great return on your investment. However, in order to succeed in any campaign, no matter the method, you need to know your target audience and to do this, you need their contact details.

Thankfully, help is at hand, as here at Data Bubble, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. With access to a myriad of lists and a depth of experience in helping businesses like yours to attract business, we can advise and supply the right lists to you.

For further information, why not call Joanne at Data Bubble on 01274 483936 and ask how direct marketing represents a truly cost-effective way of making yourself known to your target audience. Make sure this is one statistic you’re part of.

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