15 Marketing Ideas to Generate New Clients for Your Business

Marketing Plan Generate New Clients for your Business

15 Marketing Ideas to Generate New Clients for Your Business

15 Ideas to Generate New Business


Many small businesses owners set up their business because they love doing what they do.

However, many soon realise that there’s so much more to running a business than just doing what they love doing, and marketing is key.

They have to do all the marketing and promoting of their business to generate new clients, not to mention doing the actual work!

It’s no surprise then that marketing is often overlooked, or simply crow-barred in for 10 minutes when its quiet. However, that is most definitely a false economy, as every company needs a sales pipeline. Good marketing campaigns are planned and targeted, and when done effectively, they will generate new customers for your business.

Many turn to direct marketing as a way to promote their products and services. That’s because direct marketing focuses on getting your message to your ideal prospects and customers in a quick, effective way. That’s what makes direct marketing a cost-effective way to generate more new business.

I have put together 15 easy-to-adopt direct marketing Ideas to Generate New Business:

Direct Mail. Create a targeted direct mailer incorporating a personalised message that encourages the recipient to purchase from you

Publish Creative Content. Create and share content on your website. Not only will it help with SEO, but you can also share via social media and your newsletters, incorporating links back to your website

Social Media. Create social media accounts for your business, for example on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. Start sharing content here too and generate a buzz

Business Cards. Have business cards that stand out from the crowd. Consider having different cards for different events

Referral Programs. Create a program to get your referral partners and customers to recommend your products and services. Offer them an incentive as a thank you

Email Marketing. Email marketing allows you to promote yourself, engage with new prospects and maintain relationships with existing customers in a cost-effective manner

Newsletters. Create a monthly newsletter that enables you to keep in contact and share industry news and events

Digital Brochures. Brochures are a great way to showcase all your products and services, as well as explaining the benefits to the customers and prospects. Put them on your website so that customers can download them

Create a WhatsApp Group. Create a WhatsApp group so you can collaborate and share ideas

Free Offers. Give prospects and customers free samples, eBooks, downloads and helpful videos

Telemarketing. Telemarketing is an age-old, effective way to promote your products and services to generate more sales

Testimonials. Have great testimonials on your website and social media, as they are hugely influential towards others’ decisions regarding who to buy from

Videos. Create engaging videos, as not only can they showcase your knowledge, they can also provide help and advice to your customers

SMS. Send an SMS offer to your existing customers

Run a Contest. Use social media / email marketing to run a contest and engage with your audience

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