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10 ways to make sure your email campaign goes with a BANG!!

10 ways to make sure your email campaign goes with a BANG!!

Bonfire Night is almost upon us as we hurtle towards Christmas in these ever-decreasing autumnal temperatures. Besides wrapping up warm as you stand around the bonfire eating parkin and toffee, you may be thinking about how to get more business leads.

You may even be thinking about running a bulk email marketing exercise.

I like to offer my clients and associates direct marketing tips wherever I can and that’s what I aim to do with this week’s blog.

When you come to run a bulk email marketing campaign, it’s easy to forget the basics, focusing on the wrong things instead of the important ones. After all, your campaign is ultimately about bringing in money to the business, not showing off your editorial skills!

In order to help you to avoid some of the more common errors, I’ve compiled a short, punchy list of tips that I hope you find useful:

1- Ensure the content of your message is clear and easy to understand – Avoid jargon and industry-specific terms, avoid abbreviations (not everybody knows what an “SLA” or a “bottom bracket” is).

2- Ensure your information contained within your email is accurate – The internet provides a simple to use tool for anyone to check the information given and trust me when I say there are plenty of people out there who enjoy nothing more than disproving your comments!

3- Ensure your data quality for your campaign is accurate – it’s pointless sending it to old email addresses, as they’re wasted opportunities and potentially costly. Data integrity is vital to reaching your maximum target audience.

4- Make sure any links are included within your email work.

5- Make it easy on the eye – Don’t write War and Peace, keep it short and sweet. People will only read so much and if the first impressions aren’t good, they’ll soon stop reading. Ensure the text spacing is good. Also, pictures are good as they break up the text and enhance the visual experience.

6- Make it entertaining – Boring emails will rarely attract attention, whilst emails with personality compel you to read on. PLUS reading one good email attracts your interest to others, so you get regular readers, increasing your open rate for future campaigns.

7- Check your email for its SPAM score to try and ensure it reaches as few Junk inboxes as possible.

8- Ensure your campaign is directed at your ideal target market – It’s pointless trying to sell hubcaps to a confectioner!!

9- Include links to your website, relevant blogs you have written, related articles of interest within your material or website.

10- Leave them in no doubt what it is you do – Many companies make this silliest of mistakes by forgetting to say what it is that they actually do.

Whilst the above is far from exhaustive, these tips should, I hope, ensure you steer clear of making some of the more common mistakes that I have seen made in my time. As for your ideal market, remember Data Bubble can help you to find the perfect list of email addresses.

Good luck with the campaign and have a safe and happy Guy Fawkes Night!!!

If you need any business leads or consumer leads for your email campaign then call me on 01274 483936 or email us at [email protected]

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