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SMART – An Alternative Mnemonic

SMART – An Alternative Mnemonic

Most of us have heard of SMART – commonly used in businesses to describe a preferred “method” of working – “Work SMARTer, not harder” is a phrase I’ve often come across and, in my days of being an employee, often been lectured to about!

Whilst those of us who work for another company may have our own opinions about the word, there is no doubting the use of mnemonics such as SMART – they help to focus on what the goal is and as our time is becoming increasingly valuable, the focus is essential if we are to achieve our aims.

So then – SMART – what do I mean by an alternative mnemonic? Well, put simply, the other day I was thinking about exactly what I believe to be important considerations for growing your business and I came up with five things which, funnily enough, share these very same initials. So I thought “should I scramble the letters to create my own word?” – the problem was TRAMS was the only other word I could come up with and how does that apply to business?????? (BTW, any other anagram suggestions please comment on… )

OK, here is my mnemonic:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Activity
  • Retention
  • Training


Well, there can be very few companies out there who can hope to survive without sales can’t there! At the end of the day, this is the main aim of any company, as this is where profit comes from. Selling isn’t just about just closing the deal and getting cash in the bank– its everything from creating that first impression, to delivering what you promise.


How you attract customers to your company, and your lead generation if you like, boils down to how well you are conducting your direct marketing. If nobody knows you exist, who are you going to sell your wares to? It stands to reason that the more who know of your existence, the more sales you’re likely to achieve. Just look at any major brand out there and think about the direct marketing campaigns they do – letters, email and telemarketing. They all draw attention to them, and create brand awareness. Heck, even those “flyers” you see tied to lamp-posts at traffic lights promising you extra cash in your pocket every month – all attract your attention and some stick in the memory more than others, I’m sure.


Walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk. It’s pointless having a brilliant idea if it’s not acted upon, so get off your backside and follow through on what you write down – implement your action plans, act upon the lists you have on your desk, and don’t just move piles of paper from one place to another claiming you’re “tidying”, put what you learn at training into practice to see how they work for you.


In my experience, this is only too often overlooked in this country and what it boils down to is post-sales service. Don’t just sell and forget your customer, show them their business is important to you in how you act with them after the sale – set yourself apart from your competition (believe me, this is a simple and inexpensive way to differentiate yourself from the pack) and you’ll be surprised how many return to place more business your way. It’s easy to create a sales database and you’d be a fool not to, as surely the easiest business to attract is one which has already used your services or at least made enquiries? Just consider this brief hierarchy, from bottom to top in order of ease of sale conversion – cold lead, warm lead, hot lead, quote, sale. Make customer retention a top priority!


Massively overlooked by many, often to their cost. Don’t assume you know all there is to know, there’s always more to be learned and whilst some you may know already, a reminder never hurt anybody, did it? The more strings on your bow, the more music you can play!

Hopefully you find it useful and, when it comes to direct marketing, I hope you’ll come to Data Bubble for advice on how to create, maintain and increase your mailing list! I have a wealth of knowledge and would love to share more direct marketing tips with you.

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