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Do you want targeted Business Lists?

Do you want targeted Business Lists?

If so call 01274 965411

The Business Lists Database.

The Business Lists database currently contains approximately 1. 6 million records of different types of UK companies everything from Accountants to Zoos and everything in-between.

The Business Lists Database.

This file is ideal for direct marketing such as direct mailing, email marketing and telephone marketing.

The business list is ideal for a whole host of companies that are conducting business to business marketing campaigns including colleges, promotions companies, office furniture supplies, printers, training, office supplies, confidential storage, commercial cleaning, security, insurance, IT development and software companies plus more.

Data can be selected on:

  • Industry type i.e. Finance, Retail plus
  • Company size i.e. number of employees
  • Office Type i.e. Head office. Single site, Branch
  • Senior Named Contact i.e. Owner, MD
  • Contact method post, telephone, email
  • Turnover where available

What information do you get?

You will receive the following fields:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address including Postcode
  • Telephone Number
  • Name of Senior Decision Maker
  • Job Title
  • Personal Email Address
  • No of employees / Banding
  • Turnover banding
  • Industry description
  • Fax No (where available)
  • Website (where available)

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