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Colleges Go Virtual to Promote Open Days

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Colleges Go Virtual to Promote Open Days

This time of the year usually sees colleges focusing on GCSE and A-Level Results, whilst looking forward to the new student intake in September.

However, the COVID situation has forced them into re-thinking their strategy.

Colleges often use open events to promote themselves to prospective students and local businesses alike. However, this has proven impossible with the lockdown restrictions that have been forced upon us all. Not willing to be beaten by the restrictions, they have put technology into use, in a bid to ensure they still capture the eye of those whose attention they crave the most.

Virtual open events have become the colleges’ “New normal”, replacing the traditional open events they are so well known for. Instead of visiting in person, colleges have been busy inviting prospective students and businesses to “Log in”. Once online, they can have a virtual tour of the campus and speak to tutors about courses and college life.

Virtual open events have proven to be a great alternative, with event subscriptions being largely reported as beating all expectations. Given it’s a new thing for most colleges, these were largely seen as a trial. However, we’re fully expecting colleges to combine the use of actual and virtual open events in the future.

As a company that has long assisted colleges with their marketing, Data Bubble has been proud to embrace the change. Traditional methods, as well as new, have enabled colleges to reach their audience and continue to promote their services. Mailshots and email broadcasts have remained strong, using tried and tested targeting methods to identify relevant individuals. As such, an increasing number of colleges are turning to Data Bubble to assist them with their events.

Is your company struggling to replace traditional methods?

Are you needing to replace lost business following the COVID situation?

Could your business benefit from adopting a “virtual” marketing technique?

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