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10 tips for effective data capture

10 tips for effective data capture

Do you have a stack of business cards from exhibitions or events that you aren’t sure what to do with?

Do you wish you had a database of these contacts?

Have you ever been to a networking event or exhibition come back to the office with lots of business cards but then forgotten to add them to your database?

Collecting business cards is a valuable way of building a network of contacts where reciprocal business can be generated for the benefit of all.

Data capture is the process of transferring information from paper such as business cards or an order form, into an electronic format creating a database of customer or prospect records.

So for this week’s blog I thought I’d put together 10 top tips to help with effective data capture / data entry

10 tips for effective data capture:

  • Decide what information needs to be captured from your paper forms/business cards – contact name, company name, address, telephone, email, order details etc.
  • Make sure the fields you want to capture replicate the information on your database.
  • Understand where and how the information came to you – identify the lead source if they are a customer or prospect etc.
  • Make sure “title”, “forename” and “surname” information is entered into separate fields, allowing you to send personalised letters, emails and other marketing materials.
  • On input, ensure the addresses are matched against the PAF file to reduce spelling mistakes.
  • Have a uniform format for particular fields such as dates or emails e.g. ensure all dates are formatted the same DD/MM/YY day month year.
  • Make sure the telephone numbers are separate and go into the correct phone number field – mobiles not into the landline, work or fax fields.
  • Ensure you comply with data protection & privacy
  • Keep free text to a minimum. The information is open to interpretation therefore can be less accurate and more time consuming to capture.
  • Once you have collected the information, keep it up to date by cleansing and updating at least every quarter.

For very little input, time and cost, on your part, we can create your database that you can then use to promote your products and services via your contacts

For more information about how Data Bubble can help to create your database then please call Joanne on 01274 483936 or email

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